Hydroponic Lights


T-5 FlourescentHydroponic Lights are an essential element for planting and maintaining a successfull hydroponics indoor garden. Sunlight is not always available for your plants. Sometimes you need to provide a better solution to get the maximium results from your Hydroponic Plants.

With sun-like high intensity lighting, you can grow any plant, anywhere, anytime you choose! High Intensity Grow Light or T-5 fluorescent will put out strong light to grow big beautiful plants and flowers. No more worring about the amount of sun shine throughout the day, you will be able to control all the sun light you need!

Jump Start Grow Light

Jump Start Grow LightUnfortunately, fluorescents just can't deliver the strong light you need to grow plants taller than six or eight inches. High Intensity Grow Light puts out strong light to grow big beautiful plants and flowers. It's like bringing the sun indoors!

Jump Start Grow Light 2 foot system is ideal for seedlings, cuttings, flowers and house plants... Grow seedlings faster Adjustable fixture height Super easy assembly Available in 2 foot and 4 foot sizes. Grow seedlings faster adjustable fixture height with super easy assembly,

T-5 Flourescent

T-5 FlourescentT5 Fluorescents produce almost twice as much light as standard fluorescents while still burning very cool to the touch. Fluorescent fixtures have a very thin profile, around 3 inches in most cases, making them extremely useful in vertically limited areas. Most can be hung vertically on a wall for side lighting as well.

Average usable life span for T5 Fluorescents tubes is about 10,000 hours. These lights are designed to support bigger growth. Their best use is for growing strong, healthy plants in the vegetative stage up to 24 inches tall.

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600 Watt Sodium Bulb
600W Sodium Bulb

T-5 Replacement TubesT5 4' Replacement 6500K Bulbs (4 bulbs)

Econo Bulb
ECONO 1000watt MH BULB