Hydroponic Lights


Hydroponic Growing Lights

Growing lights are essential to any hydroponic garden. A grow light is a electric lamp used to help plant growth, it emits electromagnetic spectrum used in photosynthesis. Through out the different stages of plant growth, different light spectrums are used. Blue light is important in the initial vegetative stage of plant growth, while red and orange light is used for the flowering stage later in growth. Bestes Hydroponics has specific bulbs for each stage or you can use a full spectrum bulb that can be used for all stages.

Along with growing lights, Bestes Hydroponics in Warren Michigan, has all the supplies and accessories you need to help you hydroponic garden grow. Bestes Hydroponics has all the top name brands such as Lumatek, Solis-Tek, Agrosun, Eiko and much more! Give us a call today at 586-776-1794 or use our easy contact form and see what Bestes Hydroponics can do for you.


Lumatek Phantom Solis-Tek Agrosun
Digilux Eiko EnviroGro Hortilux
Lumen 8 Anacostia Maxlume Plantmax Raptor
Hydro Farm Lumii Xtrasun  

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600 Watt Sodium Bulb
600W Sodium Bulb

T-5 Replacement TubesT5 4' Replacement 6500K Bulbs (4 bulbs)

Econo Bulb
ECONO 1000watt MH BULB